Womble Bond Dickinson has long served a significant role in the education community. Members of our multidisciplinary education team have served higher education institutions for decades, and we understand the business of education and its importance in our communities. 

We recognize the scope of changes in the new Title IX regulations and the challenges involved in implementation. Members of our team have experience conducting thorough, fair, and impartial Title IX and sexual misconduct investigations, serving as external hearing chairs, and advising parties. We have also advised institutional representatives in performing each of these roles. We understand the complex and sensitive nature of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct raised by students, employees, and third parties, and we are equipped to help institutions efficiently and effectively respond to these complaints. Our team is also skilled at drafting Title IX and sexual misconduct policies that implement industry best practices, providing training to participants in the Title IX investigation and adjudication process, and advising institutional representatives on how to manage risks and create systems for federal and state regulatory compliance.

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What We Do

  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Investigations
  • Adjudication Services 
  • Internal Investigations 
  • Advisor Services 
  • Training 
  • Policy Review and Drafting 
  • Outside General Counsel Services 
  • Litigation 
  • OCR Complaints

Examples of Work

  • In-house Title IX and Civil Rights investigator at a large public institution 
  • External Title IX investigators for public and private institutions 
  • Internal and external general counsel for Title IX matters 
  • Title IX hearing chairs at public and private institutions 
  • Acting Title IX Coordinator for Title IX hearings 
  • Preparation of Title IX and related student, faculty and staff sexual misconduct policies and procedures 
  • Litigation and handling of OCR complaints for Title IX matters
  • Facilitating training regarding Title IX and sexual misconduct policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory requirements 
  • Prosecutors and criminal defense counsel 
  • Conducting employment, athletics, and civil rights investigations 
  • Trained social worker 
  • Service as Special Victim Counsel to the military