It’s all about our clients. When a company is locating in the United States or a particular state for the first time, or expanding existing operations within a state, it’s a BIG DECISION. We work directly with companies, and often with the consultant working with the company, to assist the company throughout every step of the site selection decision.

We support companies in efforts to strategically locate operations, and we gather support from the local community and the state in the form of incentives to support their business operations. The large volume of projects we have worked and are working, especially in the Southeastern United States, ensures that we are efficient, are knowledgeable about what to expect, who to ask and how to stay in compliance.

To support the company, we work on the real estate, environmental, tax, corporate and incentive matters associated with the site selection process. We take a holistic view of the project. We support the company and any of its consultants every step of the way. We have deep relationships at the local and state level to ensure the company is supported. Our clients are located all over the world. With our large, international firm, we have great depth and bench strength in identifying complex international corporate and tax issues, and are very adept at helping clients navigate complicated business issues. We have tremendous experience with:

  • manufacturing projects;
  • datacenter projects;
  • corporate headquarters projects;
  • large office projects; and
  • distribution center projects.

Timing is KEY. Call us early, and we mean EARLY. We do our best work for companies when called on early in the site selection process to assist in the economic development incentive process. The first step in the incentive process focuses on real estate. We work as a team, and our real estate lawyers are an integral part of this team. The relationship between the real estate and the economic development incentive work cannot be overestimated, and for this reason, we like to be brought in at the earliest phases of a project. Incentives are for competitive projects. Once a site selection decision has been made, the project is no longer competitive, and incentives are often off the table. Also, incentives can overcome certain challenges presented by a site, such as, for example, infrastructure. We work closely to ensure the company has every option available to it in order to make the best decision possible.

We have worked many of the largest projects in the Southeastern United States. We have a firm knowledge of the incentives that are available to support projects – both at the local and state level. We will work very hard to ensure that we analyze and pursue all possible resources for our companies. We know economic development, and we have pure economic development attorneys to help you – 100% of our daily practice is devoted to economic development.

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