Taxes are one of the most significant expenses that businesses and their owners will face. We help our clients minimize the impact of taxes on their business operations, and when our clients are selling or acquiring other businesses, we help them structure their transactions in the most tax efficient manner.

We help businesses and their owners navigate an increasingly complex array of federal, state, and local taxes when planning and structuring their operations and undertaking transactions involving the acquisitions and sales of businesses. Business structures and operations must be reconsidered in light of changes in tax laws. Achieving business objectives in acquisition and sale transactions may require creative tax planning structures. With state legislatures and revenue departments aggressively moving to tax businesses that have economic connections to their states, we help our clients to plan their operations and transactions to minimize the impact of state and local taxes. We provide our clients with creative tax planning solutions to help them achieve their business objectives. When there are disagreements on taxes that are owed, we have broad experience helping our clients resolve these disputes in tax audits and appeals, litigation in state and federal courts, and negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements.