Reorganization projects often involve corporations with multiple layers of subsidiaries and a myriad of legal entities in different countries. Because of our deep experience within large global corporations, and our ability to work with teams across borders in an integrated, comprehensive fashion, we are often called on for complex corporate reorganization efforts to meet tax, liability-limitation, intellectual property, employee alignment, and other strategic organizational goals. 

Our attorneys are able to assess your company's global objectives and devise creative re-organization structures to best meet those objectives. Typical projects might include: 

  • Re-structuring a US-headquartered global corporation with fifty worldwide legal entities to take into account recent tax changes
  • Creating a holding company for companies under the same brand in one region of the world, while merging or dissolving certain other legal entities within the same corporation for organizational efficiency
  • Structuring for a European headquartered parent company a US holding company with operating subsidiaries intending to grow through M&A 

While corporate reorganizations often are driven by tax law changes, other common reasons for reorganizations are to re-align the global corporate structure to reflect changes in business segments, to plan for and accommodate new M&A activity, or to take advantage of opportunities for efficiency, operational synergies, budget savings, or market, industry, and regulatory changes.

Our attorneys recognize the need for structural flexibility for corporate entities to take full advantage of opportunities in fluid, rapidly-changing contexts throughout the world. 

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