Joint ventures and collaborative structures are a creative, increasingly attractive tool for strategic, flexible growth for companies that are pursuing targeted and specialized initiatives. Our attorneys have significant experience in structuring these complex multi-company efforts, from the mid-sized, locally-headquartered company to large global entities that cross multiple jurisdictions. 

A targeted alternative to growth through acquiring other companies, joint ventures include corporations forming strategic alliances that focus on shared ambitions, whether in new product development, R&D, distribution within certain regions, or other targeted goals. Because each company brings distinctive strengths and resources to the new entity, often from different regions of the world entirely, and the venture shares profits, intellectual property, capital, and governance, such structures can be complex, growing even more so when developed across global borders. 

Our attorneys have broad experience in the world of joint ventures, effectively managing the complexities of both the legal structures as well as the internal dynamics and processes of working with large, multi-jurisdictional companies, and varying levels of decision makers. We have significant industry experience in manufacturing and distribution, including chemical, industrial, and automotive sectors, as well as experience in advanced materials, infrastructure, life sciences, and technology.

We also offer expertise in helping to structure other forms of collaborative efforts, such as an established company working with a start-up on niche goals, such as supplying capital or management expertise in return for R&D or product development.

Our local presence in the markets that we serve allow us to offer a physical on-site engagement within internal corporate teams that is helpful in such complex processes.  Our locations in high-value regions allow us to provide intensive engagement with admirable efficiency.

Over the years, our clients also have valued our strong commitment to client service. We recognize that the structures we form for every single client, regardless of size, industry, or presence, represent enormous significance for that company. Our focus is not simply on one deal, but on the life and development of the corporation.  

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