WASHINGTON, D.C.—This month, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai floated an idea to improve the FM band—allowing a Class C4 allocation. The Class C4 stations would have more powerful signals than Class A FM stations, but less than Class C3 stations.

But Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia is skeptical of Commissioner Pai’s plan. Garziglia tells Radio Ink that “Class C4 may have been a viable and non-disruptive enhancement to FM broadcast service a decade ago. Today, however, Class C4 upgrades will potentially disrupt and displace service from hundreds of recently granted FM translators now carrying AM and HD sub-channel primary stations.  AM stations in particular have spent significant resources in bringing better service to the listening public through FM translators.  It would be a cruel trick for the FCC to now put that service into jeopardy.  Class C4 will be highly harmful to our radio industry and the listening public unless in-contour FM translators will be fully protected against a forced displacement or termination of operations.”

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