This event took place on November 6, 2019.

Description: Womble Bond Dickinson presented a hands-on workshop that provided both a useful update for those active in international engineering contracts, and a grounding in some key risk areas for those who are relatively new to this market. FIDIC - The FIDIC forms of contract are the nearest thing there is to a standard form of EPC contract outside of the US. 

A new edition of these contracts was published two years ago, but it is only now that the market is coming to understand how they will be used in practice. Alex Hirom from our London office delivered a workshop on this important international development. 

For those new to FIDIC contracts, the seminar covered some of the basics, and for those with some knowledge of FIDIC contracts the seminar looked at the innovations in the contract and practical application.

Tripartite agreements and black boxes - Jeff Whittle led a session discussing common intellectual property issues in relation to engineering contracts, focusing on working with proprietary technology in the construction of new plant.

Arbs and DAABs - Kurt Lindquist closed by looking at traditional dispute resolution formats for international EPC contracts, FIDIC's innovative DAAB and how these compare to dispute resolution in the US.

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