In-house Roundhouse Podcast

Aug 06 2017

Welcome to In-house Roundhouse, a bi-weekly podcast focused on providing corporate attorneys with tips, insights and other valuable info that will help keep you ahead of the game. Join our host, veteran litigator Mark Henriques, as he talks with general counsel from industry-leading companies, as well as politicians, analysts and other leading personalities with their finger on the pulse of business today.

Mark Henriques is a business litigation attorney who has successfully litigated cases involving fraud, unfair trade practices, class actions, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and breach of contract. Henriques also has considerable experience in e-discovery and is a leader of the firm's Bulldox: Documents & E-Discovery Review Team. He practices in Womble Bond Dickinson’s Charlotte office.

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Episode 86


Guest: Britt Biles

Topic: COVID-19 Relief Programs & White Collar Risks

What can companies that may have received COVID relief funds do to best manage risks? Britt Biles, white collar criminal defense attorney in Womble Bond Dickinson’s D.C. office and former General Counsel of the U.S. Small Business Administration, shares insights gained from years of government investigations experience. Biles also served as a Special Assistant to the President and Associate White House Counsel as well as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel at the SEC. 

Episode 85


Guests: Mike Ingersoll and Barbara Osborne

Topic: NLRB, Labor Laws and the Impact on NCAA Athlete

Can—and should—college athletes be classified as employees? Just when you think you have all the answers, the National Labor Relations Board changes the questions. Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Mike Ingersoll and University of North Carolina School of Law Professor Barbara Osborne, both scholarship student-athletes during their college days, discuss the latest developments.

Episode 84


Guests: Suzanne Boehm, Sarah Motley Stone, and Mary Karen Wills

Topic: Government Contracting Challenges and Opportunities with the Infrastructure Act

In this Opportunity Economy conversation, Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Suzanne Boehm and Sarah Motley Stone join Mary Karen Wills of the Berkeley Research Group, to examine expanded opportunities and unique challenges for companies in Government contracting as a result of the recently approved $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Act.

Episode 83

Legal scales

Guests: Luke Cass and Joe Whitley

Topic: Biden Administration Prioritizes Corporate Criminal Enforcement

In this Opportunity Economy conversation, two Department of Justice alumni—Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Luke Cass and Joe Whitley—discuss enforcement trends in corporate crime under the Biden Administration.

Episode 82

The Future of Business

Guests: Nellie Shipley Sullivan and Charlie McCurry

Topic: The Recovery And Commercial Real Estate Leases

Few historical events have reshaped commercial real estate the way the COVID-19 pandemic has. So, where does the commercial real estate sector stand in late 2021 as it relates to office, retail and industrial leases, and what’s the outlook ahead? Womble Bond Dickinson real estate attorneys Nellie Shipley Sullivan and Charlie McCurry discuss current and near-future trends in commercial real estate.

Episode 81

The Value of Innovation and Intellectual Property in the Opportunity Economy

Guests: Chris Mammen, WBD Partner; Mairi Gibbs, Oxford University Innovation COO; Rich Lyons, UC Berkeley Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer

Topic: The Value of Innovation and Intellectual Property in the Opportunity Economy


In the Opportunity Economy, ideas are the most valuable commodities a business can have. In this episode, Oxford University Innovation COO Mairi Gibbs, UC Berkeley Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer Rich Lyons and Womble Bond Dickinson IP Litigation attorney Chris Mammen join Mark Henriques for an insider’s discussion of why innovation and intellectual property matter more than ever today.

Episode 80

Telehealth in the Pandemic – and Beyond

Guests: Alissa Fleming and Toni Peck 

Topic: Telehealth in the Pandemic – and Beyond


The COVID-19 pandemic greatly expanded the use of telehealth due to necessity. But many healthcare providers and patients alike have found significant benefits of using remote technology-delivered healthcare services—including expanded access for people in rural and underserved areas. In this episode, Womble Bond Dickinson Healthcare attorneys Alissa Fleming and Toni Peck speak with Mark Henriques about recent regulatory changes surrounding telehealth and what may be in store.

Episode 79

The Future of Business

Guests: Scott Anderson, Dean Rutley

Topic: M&A Trends in the Opportunity Economy


The M&A market is at a record pace in 2021. Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Scott Anderson and Dean Rutley discussed the ongoing M&A boom and the factors they see impacting corporate transactions in the near future. This episode is part of our "Opportunity Economy" series we’re bringing you throughout the rest of 2021 focused on the current and future state of the economy.

Episode 78

Legal scales

Guests: David Hamilton, Sarah Motley Stone

Topic: Antitrust Regulation And The Labor Market

Employment-related antitrust regulation is intensifying amid a volatile labor market so we've asked David Hamilton and Sarah Motley Stone, two of Womble Bond Dickinson's brightest minds on this subject, to share some insight on the matter. This episode is part of our "Opportunity Economy" series we’re bringing you throughout the rest of 2021 focused on the current and future state of the economy.

Episode 77


Guest: Carri Bennet

Topic: Biden's $65 Billion Broadband Infrastructure Play

Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Carri Bennet talks with Mark about how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will greatly benefit broadband expansion, particularly to underserved rural areas. This episode is part of our coverage of the Opportunity Economy, the pandemic-related economic recovery.

Episode 76


Guests: Tori Kaplan, Head of CSR/ESG; Anthony Weekly, Chief CRA Officer; and Augie Husmillo, Corporate Funding Manager

Topic: Truist Financial: One Bank's Approach To ESG

In March 2021, Truist Financial, one of the nation’s largest banks, issued its first social bond of $1.25 billion, as part of the company's ESG strategy. Mark Henriques and Vanessa Morris sit down with three of the company’s executives leading the effort. 

Episode 75


Guest: Pam Cone

Topic: ESG and Doing Well by Doing Good

Fueled by consumers and investors, we've entered a new era of corporate responsibility. An emphasis is being placed on integrating Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance strategies and goals into operations like never before. In this episode of In-house Roundhouse, we talked to Pam Cone who is a veteran corporate advisor on sustainability and social impact.

Episode 74

Biden Administration and Business with Angel Taveras

Guest: Angel Taveras

Topic: Biden Administration and Business with Angel Taveras

Former Providence, Rhode Island Mayor and new Womble litigation Partner Angel Taveras shares his thoughts on what the Biden Administration might mean for those doing business with the government.

Episode 73

Antitrust and the Tech Industry

Guest: Stephanie Lambert

Topic: Antitrust and the Tech Industry

Stephanie Lambert, Chief Compliance Counsel with NetScout Systems, Inc., and Womble Partner and veteran cyber attorney Ted Claypoole talk with Mark about the current state of compliance in the tech industry and what’s on the horizon.

Episode 72

The Future of Business

Guest: Nancy Giordano

Topic: The Future of Business

Nancy Giordano, highly regarded futurist and founder of Play Big, Inc., joins us to give a preview of the keynote talk she'll give at the Everything from Everywhere Summit on Jan. 29.

Episode 71


Guest: Adriana Dulic

Topic: Fintech Today and Tomorrow: A Legal View

Adriana Dulic, the Chief Compliance Officer for Epoch Payment Solutions, talks with us about where the fintech industry is today, where it is heading, and the legal issues involved in both.

Episode 70


Guests: Maricia Roseboro and Kimberly Rogov

Topic: COVID And The Business Of Professional Staffing

Maricia Roseboro and Kimberly Rogov with Alliance of Processionals & Consultants (APC), a business solutions and professional staffing provider based in Raleigh, drop by to talk with Mark about the legal and human resource challenges the pandemic has created, as well as the lasting changes it may have.

Episode 69


Guest: Zach Kimball

Topic: The Specialty Chemicals Industry's Role In Sustainability

Zach Kimball, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing with ITI Technologies Inc, talks with Mark about how the Specialty Chemicals Industry fits into the sustainability conversation.

Episode 68

Specilty Chemicals

Guest: Kaushik Vashee

Topic: Implementing Safety Best Practices at a Chemical Manufacturer

Kaushik Vashee, Vice President of Engineering and Process Development with DanChem, provides his thoughts on safety best practices for chemical manufacturers.

Episode 67


Guests: Jennifer Mosley and Matt Lewy

Topic: Oil & Gas Market and Legal Trends

Jennifer Mosley, Senior Counsel, Major Transactions Law Group, for Chevron Upstream, joins Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson lawyer Matt Lewy to discuss market conditions in the oil and gas industry and the legal trends those conditions are fueling.

Episode 66


Guests: Laura Robertson and Liz Klingensmith

Topic: Effective Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Laura Robertson, Deputy General Counsel of Litigation, Arbitration and IP with ConocoPhillips, joins Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Liz Klingensmith to talk about on diversity and inclusion in business and the legal profession.

Episode 65

Oil icon

Guests: Curtis Frasier and Liz Klingensmith

Topic: The Past, Present, and Future of the Oil & Gas Industry

Longtime oil and gas industry attorney Curtis Frasier, talks with Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Liz Klingensmith about how the industry has evolved and where it is heading.

Episode 64


Guest: Kristi McCarthy

Topic: Management Lessons from a Chevron GC

Kristi McCarthy, General Counsel and Vice President of Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company talks with Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Liz Klingensmith about knowing when to keep it simple, encouraging honest feedback, and managing an in-house team.

Episode 63

Oil and Gas Industry

Guest: Gregory Brown

Topic: Going In-house in the Oil & Gas Industry

Gregory Brown, General Counsel with Evolution Well Services, a full service hydraulic fracturing company, sits down with Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partners Liz Klingensmith and Lisa Rushton to talk about transitioning from a firm to in-house counsel and what it takes to manage a small legal department.

Episode 62

Legal scales

Guest: Karen Valentine

Topic: Tips For Getting It Done In A Small Legal Department

Many corporate legal departments consist of three or fewer attorneys. Managing those small offices requires lean thinking and nimbleness, according to Karen Valentine, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for Constellation Pharmaceuticals. She shares her insights on the topic with Mark and two of his Womble colleagues, Dwane Bryant and Caitlin MacDowell.

Episode 61


Guests: Bill Bobbora and Bob Girton

Topic: Financing The Specialty Chemicals Boom

The specialty chemicals industry is experiencing a boom, so while we were at the Chemicals America conference we took some time to talk with two insiders about how this growth is being funded. Our guests are Bill Bobbora, Managing Director & Executive Vice President of Cadence Bank, and Bob Girton, a partner with Edgewater Capital Partners.

Episode 60


Guest: Dr. Eric Mittlefehldt

Topic: The Specialty Chemicals Industry - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Dr. Eric Mittlefehldt, Vice President of ORG CHEM Group, LLC, provides an overview of where the Specialty Chemicals Industry has come from, where it is, and where it's likely heading.

Episode 59


Guest: Owen Jappen

Topic: SOCMA and the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Owen Jappen, Senior Manager, Industry Relations & Strategic Partnerships at SOCMA, discusses the state of the organization and the industry it supports.


Episode 58


Guest: Ron Levin

Topic: Marketing and the Chemicals Industry

Ron Levin, CJB Applied Technologies, talks with Mark about marketing challenges in the chemicals industry and bringing a new product to market.

Episode 57


Guests: Brooke DiDomenico, Mara Gliozzi, Barry Herman

Topic: Diversity in the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Brooke DiDomenico, Technical Manager with Nation Ford, and Mara Gliozzi, Vice President & Global Business Manager of McGean, join Mark and his fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Barry Herman, talk about diversity and leadership in the chemicals industry.

Episode 56


Guests: Chuck Hinton, Doug Cochran

Topic: Challenges Facing the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Chuck Hinton, President of Ethox Chemicals, and Doug Cochran, General Manager of Optima Chemical Group, share their thoughts on the challenges facing the specialty chemicals industry.

Episode 55


Guest: Anita Cicero

Topic: Going Back To Work Amid COVID: Guidance From Johns Hopkins

Anita Cicero, Deputy Director & COO of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, drops in to provide some insight on returning to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Johns Hopkins recently released a toolkit to help business leaders develop their return to work plans.

View toolkit here

Episode 54

Legal department

Guests: Carl Peterson, Ryan Brown, Taber Cathcart

Topic: What The Pandemic Has Taught The Legal Department

Carl Peterson, General Counsel of Mid-Atlantic Business Unit at Titan America LLC, and Ryan Brown, Assistant General Counsel & Director with Rosetta Stone, join Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Taber Cathcart to talk about the biggest lessons they've learned from dealing with the legal implications of COVID-19 and what the pandemic's long-term impact might be on corporate law.

Episode 53


Guest: Hannah Randolph Haynes

Topic: Creating A Living Compliance Program

Hannah Randolph Haynes, Corporate Counsel and Compliance Manager at Joerns Healthcare, explains how a “living” compliance program is an effective one.

Episode 52


Guests: Christine Brown, Amber Harrison, and Andrew Walsh

Topic: Leading Legal Departments During A Pandemic

Mark talks with three in-house attorneys about managing their companies' legal needs during the COVID-19 lock down. Our guests are Christine Brown, VP, Assistant General Counsel & Compliance Officer, Hub Americas with SCOR, Amber Harrison, who leads Compliance, Contracts, & Legal Management with Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporate America, and Andrew Walsh, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel with Partners Behavioral Health Management.

Episode 51

Specilty Chemicals

Guest: Jay Dickson

Topic: The Growth of the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Jay Dickson, President of Nation Ford Chemical, talks about what's driving growth in the specialty chemicals industry and what the future might hold.

Episode 50

legal scales

Guests: Manisha Merchant and Kristin Walker-Probst

Topic: Streamlining The Use Of Outside Counsel

Manisha Merchant, Executive Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Banc of California, sits down with Mark and fellow Womble Partner Kristin Walker-Probst to talk about how legal departments can streamline the use and selection of outside counsel.

Episode 49


Guests: Steve Cavezza and Ashley Horne

Topic: Getting The Legal Department Involved In Proactive Public Relations

Steve Cavezza, Legal Counsel with Mars Inc., and Womble Bond Dickinson CMO Ashley Horne chat with Mark about how the legal department can take a proactive approach to public relations.

Episode 48

Unconscious Bias

Guests: Ron Peppe and Tracy Walsh

Topic: Tackling Unconscious Bias

Ron Peppe, General Counsel and VP of Human Resources with Canam Steel joins Mark and Womble UK Partner Tracy Walsh to discuss how the legal department can help eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring and promotion process.

Episode 47

Legal scales

Guests: Jason Stevens and Kevin Hall

Topic: Managing Medical Malpractice Litigation

Jason Stevens, SVP & Deputy GC of WellStar Health System, talks with Mark and fellow Womble Partner Kevin Hall about managing medical malpractice litigation.

Episode 46


Guest: Tanu Chatterji

Topic: Commercialization Of University Research

Tanu Chatterji, Assistant Director of the Office of Tech Transfer and Innovation at the University of Houston sits down with Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Karthika Perumal to talk about why more university researchers should be patenting and commercializing their work.

Episode 45

Wall clock

Guest: Kaye Cyrus

Topic: Optimizing The Workday: Tips For In-house Counsel

Time management. It seems like a simple concept but by 5 p.m. most of us are wondering where the day went. Kaye Cyrus has a few tips for in-house attorneys on how to get organized and make the most of the workday. Kaye is the Director of Legal & Compliance with The Burgess Group.

Episode 44

Women in Law

Guests: Kelly Armstrong, Jordan Dinos and Kristen Walker-Probst

Topic: Women in Law: The Shifting Landscape

More than half of law school students are women but women only make up 36 percent of practicing attorneys in the US and the stats are even lower for women in leadership roles. Kelly Armstrong, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Safe Auto Insurance Group, Inc., Jordan Dinos Corporate Counsel and Compliance Manager at Canal Insurance Company, and Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Kristen Walker-Probst talk about how far women have come in the legal profession and where things should be heading.

Episode 43

John Grupp

Guests: Tracy Walsh and John Grupp

Topic: The Importance of Pro Bono

Mark is joined by his Womble UK colleague Tracy Walsh and John Grupp, Associate General Counsel with Husqvarna, to talk about why you should make time for pro bono work.

Episode 42

Nathan Harwell

Guest: Nathan Harwell

Topic: Building A Corporate Legal Department From The Ground Up

Nathan Harwell talks about what he learned building a legal department from the ground up.

*At the time of this recording, Nathan was the General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of Rinnai America. He has since joined U.S. Xpress, Inc., where he serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary.

Episode 41

David Mitrou

Guest: David Mitrou

Topic: Tips For Communicating With Non-attorneys And Outside Counsel

David Mitrou, General Counsel and VP of Client and Commercial Affairs at Keolis Commuter Services, LLC, joins Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Caitlin MacDowell and Simon Watts to talk about translating legalese for better communication between attorneys and their colleagues and outside counsel.

Episode 40

Social Media

Guests: Carl Peterson and Stephanie Bortnyk

Topic: Be Aware of Your Digital Footprint

Carl Peterson of Titan America and Stephanie Bortnyk of Dassault Falcon discuss why it's important for attorneys to be aware of their digital footprint and embrace social media. You can read the ACC article we discuss in this episode here

Episode 39


Guests: Diana Toman and Cathy Hinger

Topic: Why The Mansfield Rule Matters

Veteran general counsel Diana Toman and Womble Bond Dickinson litigator Cathy Hinger sit down with Mark to talk about the Mansfield Rule and its impact on diversity in law firm leadership. To learn more about the Mansfield Rule, click here

Episode 38

Blackbaud GC Jon Olson

Guests: Jon Olson and Stephanie Few

Topic: The Legal Department's Role in Economic Development Matters

Blackbaud GC Jon Olson and WBD's own Stephanie Yarbrough discuss with Mark the legal work that goes into negotiating economic development incentives.

Episode 37

Ryan Gum

Guest: Ryan Gum

Topic: Managing Intellectual Property: A view from the oil fields

Ryan Gum, intellectual property counsel at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, joins Mark and our new Houston Office Managing Partner, Jeff Whittle, to discuss legal department best practices for protecting, monetizing and managing intellectual property.

Episode 36

Adam Fisher

Guests: Adam Fisher

Topic: The In-house Lawyer As Business Adviser

Adam Fisher, Associate General Counsel with The Carroll Companies, shares his thoughts on how in-house counsel can serve as a business adviser as well as a legal adviser.

Episode 35

Evan Slavitt

Guests: Evan Slavitt

Topic: Best Practices for Managing Litigation with Evan Slavitt

Evan Slavitt, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of AVX Corporation, shares his thoughts on managing litigation as corporate counsel.

You can also find Evan's book on Amazon here.

Episode 34

Anneliese Reinhold

Guests: Anneliese Reinhold

Topic: Managing Outside Counsel with Annelise Reinhold

Anneliese Reinhold, General Counsel with Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company and Vice Chair of ACC Global Board, shares her philosophy on managing outside counsel.

Episode 33


Guests: Nici Comer, Marshall Tinsley Minton, Jamie Francis, and Alex O'Rourke

Topic: Transitions: Going In-house or Joining a Firm

It's a full house this episode as Mark is joined by South State Bank attorneys Nicole "Nici" Comer and Marshall Tinsley Minton as well as his Womble partners Jamie Francis and Alex O'Rourke. The group talks about their experience going from private practice to in-house and going from a legal department to a firm.

Episode 32


Guests: Adrian Gross and Mike Madden

Topic: Career Development Tips For In-house Counsel

Adrian Goss, General Counsel of Bauer Media Group, and Mike Madden, General Counsel of Hyne Timber, share their career development tips for in-house counsel and how management can support it.

Episode 31

Emotional Intelligence

Guest: Dan Harper

Topic: Emotional Intelligence and the In-house Lawyer

Dan Harper, General Counsel with GEA Farm Technologies, Inc., talks with Mark about why lawyers need a high emotional IQ as well as traditional smarts.

Episode 30

Top 5

Guest: Amy Duvanich

Topic: Top 5 Questions Every General Counsel Gets Asked

Amy Duvanich, corporate counsel with real estate company Keller Williams, shares her list of the five most common questions general counsel are asked by their company colleagues.

Episode 29

Compliance icon

Guests: Debra Cheng and Amy Much

Topic: Developing an Industry-leading Compliance Program

Corporate attorneys Debra Cheng and Amy Much join Mark and his fellow Womble Bond Dickinson partner Claire Rauscher to talk about what it takes to develop and manage an effective corporate compliance program.

Episode 28

Matt Latrick

Guest: Matt Latrick

Topic: Developing and Maintaining Effective Nondisclosure Agreements

Matt Latrick, Regional Counsel, Americas with Morgan Advanced Materials, explains why the one-size-fits-all approach to nondisclosure agreements is a bad idea and offers insight into developing better NDAs.

Episode 27

Russ Dempsey

Guest: Russ Dempsey

Topic: Project Management Tips for the GC

Russ Dempsey, Associate General Counsel with AIG insurance, gives his tips for managing legal department projects, including what KPI he uses and how he spots issues early.

Episode 26

Emily Vijayakirthi

Guest: Emily Vijayakirthi

Topic: Managing Third-Party Due Diligence In A Global Marketplace

Emily Vijayakirthi, Senior Attorney and Assistant Compliance Manager with Black & Veatch Corporation, explains why simply have an FCPA program doesn't cut it when managing risk for the modern global company.

Episode 25

Ryan Brown

Guest: Ryan Brown

Topic: Navigating ADA Accommodation Requests

Rosetta Stone attorney Ryan Brown returns to talk about navigating requests for US Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations, including engaging in the interactive process and determining which accommodations are required.

Episode 24

Chris Greene

Guest: Chris Greene

Topic: Corporate Use of Predictive Analytics And AI

Canal Insurance VP Chris Greene discusses legal issues corporate legal departments must tackle when the company implements predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Episode 23


Guests: Womble Bond Dickinson (US) lawyer, Melinda Davis Lux, Associate GC for Michelin North America, Gant Sowinski

Topic: Key Performance Indicators for the Legal Department

How do you measure the success of a corporate legal department? Gant Sowinski, Associate General Counsel with Michelin North America, talks with us about his experience defining Key Performance Indicators for his office and gives some insight into what he learned. Gant and Mark are joined by Melinda Davis Lux, a Womble Bond Dickinson partner who shares her thoughts on KPI for outside counsel.

Episode 22


Guests: Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) lawyer, Jonathan Drake, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) lawyer, Lisa Bondurant

Topic: Womble Bond Dickinson's Insurance Sector

Our Insurance sector co-leads Lisa Bondurant and Jonathan Drake stop by to talk about the legal challenges facing the industry and how the firm is helping clients address them.

Episode 21


Guests: Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) lawyers, Paul Stockley and Chris Towner, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) lawyer, Belton Zeigler

Topic: Womble Bond Dickinson's Energy Sector

Belton Zeigler, Paul Stockley, and Chris Towner from Womble Bond Dickinson’s Energy Sector sit in with Mark to discuss current trends in the industry and where things are heading.

Episode 20



Guests: Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) lawyer, Peter Snaith and Womble Bond Dickinson (US) lawyer, Melinda Davis Lux

Topic: Womble Bond Dickinson's Manufacturing Sector

Our UK Manufacturing lead Peter Snaith and US deals attorney Melinda Davis Lux chat with Mark about Manufacturing 4.0, Brexit, trade deals and more.

Episode 19

NC State Bar

Guest: John Silverstein, NC State Bar President

Topic: The State Bar and You

There’s more to your state bar than you might realize. Mark talks with North Carolina State Bar President John Silverstein about the resources state bars provide attorneys, how GCs benefit from participating in state bars, and the role of state bars in shaping the future of the legal profession, among other items.

Episode 18 


Guests: Karen Litsinger, SVP, Operations & General Counsel, Mirixa Corporation

Lawrence Vernaglia, Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

Chris Mollet, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Edward-Elmhurst Health Care 

Jill Girardeau, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson

Topic: Compliance, Ethics, and Governance in the Healthcare Industry

Mark hosts a roundtable discussion of compliance, ethics, and governance in the healthcare industry. 

Episode 17 

Chris Greene

Guest: Chris Greene, Senior Vice President, Chief Claims Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Canal Insurance Company

Topic: Managing Relationships Between the Legal Department and the Corporation

Chris shares his insights and tips on managing the relationship between the legal department and the rest of the corporate structure.  


Episode 16

Ryan Brown

Guest: Ryan Brown, Corporate Counsel for Global Operations at Rosetta Stone

Topic: Managing Employment Law for a Global Company

Ryan shares his thoughts on managing employment law for a global company with Mark and Robert Phillips, a partner in our Newcastle office.

Episode 15 


Guests: Julie Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Guidepost Solutions LLC, and Paige Mason, Associate Director of Compliance, Guidepost Solutions LLC,

Topic: Money Laundering

Julie and Paige join Mark and Claire Rauscher, a partner in our Charlotte office, to discuss how businesses other than banks can be used for money laundering and how they can avoid it.


Episode 14 

George Jurch

Guest: George Jurch, General Counsel – the Americas, Continental Automotive, Inc.

Topic: Managing Talent in a Corporate Legal Department

George shares his philosophy on developing and managing talent in a corporate legal department.

Episode 13 


Guest: John Grupp, Associate General Counsel with Husqvarna Americas

Topic: Managing Litigation

John sits with Mark to discuss managing litigation. Grupp talks about why he looks for outside counsel with ideas.

Episode 12 


Guest: Jeff Hay (Womble Bond Dickinson)

Topic: A New Breed of Transatlantic Law Firm

Womble's Global Business Group Leader, Jeff Hay, sits down to talk with us about the firm’s combination with UK firm Bond Dickinson. Jeff shares his thoughts on the global merger trend among law firms and what clients should be looking out for.

Episode 11


Guests: Evan Taylor (risk consultant with NFP) & Allen O’Rourke (Womble Bond Dickinson)

Topic: Cyber insurance, Ransomware, and Business

Cyber attorney Allen O’Rourke returns and is joined by Risk Consultant and former FBI agent Evan Taylor to talk with Mark about cyber insurance, the growing menace of ransomware and what it all means for businesses.

Episode 10


 Guest: Allen O’Rourke (litigator and cybersecurity attorney, Womble Bond Dickinson)

Topic: Cybersecurity and Federal Prosecutors: What in-house counsel needs to know

Allen O’Rourke and Mark discuss the common issues companies face when involved in a federal cybercrime investigation. Allen recently joined Womble Bond Dickinson after serving six years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C. specializing in cybercrime.

Episode 9 


Guest: Rob DelPriore, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Mid-America Apartment Communities

Topic: Integrating Companies Post-Merger

Rob DelPriore, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Mid-America Apartment Communities, drops by the studio to talk with Mark about the challenges of integrating companies post-merger or acquisition. Rob led the Integration Team when Mid-America acquired Post Properties, Inc. last year. That merger has made MAA one of the largest Real Estate Investment Trusts in the nation’s multi-family housing sector.

Episode 8 


Guests: Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford (British Consul General, Atlanta), Andrew Terrell (British Consul, Raleigh)

Topic: Brexit, Trade, and Bears

It’s official, the UK is leaving the European Union, making trade relations with the US about as significant as they have ever been. Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, Consul General in Atlanta, discusses with Mark how that’s shaping up on the ground both in the US and the UK.

Episode 7


Guest: Chris Fairey, General Counsel for American Residential Services

Topic: Arbitration Clauses in Employee Contracts and Beyond

Chris Fairey, General Counsel for American Residential Services, one of the nation’s largest residential and commercial heating, air-conditioning, and plumbing services companies, sits down with Mark to discuss arbitration clauses in employee contracts and beyond.

Episode 6


Guest: David Hartgen, UNC Charlotte professor emeritus.

Topic: Will the driver take the back seat to computers on the open road in our lifetime?

Mark and his guests, Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Ted Claypoole and David Hartgen, UNC Charlotte professor emeritus and transportation expert, weigh the legal, political and psychological hurdles autonomous vehicles must traverse in the near and long-term.

Episode 5


Guest: Christiaan Mazza, Legal Counsel with Valencell, Inc.

Topic: Wearables, Privacy, And The Future Of Tech Law

Our guests for this episode are Christiaan Mazza, Legal Counsel with Valencell, Inc., a leading innovator in high-performance biometric sensor technology for wearables, and Ted Claypoole, who heads up Womble Bond Dickinson’s Privacy and Data Protection team. They join Mark to discuss how innovation is improving our lives while also creating new legal questions.

Episode 4


Guest: Jeremy Smuckler, Vice President and General Counsel at ACN

Topic: Managing Legal Spend

For the modern GC, managing legal spend is nearly as important as managing risk. But, as our guest explains, there’s a difference between “managing” a budget and simply cutting costs. Jeremey Smuckler, Vice President General Counsel with ACN, Inc., and Mark trade perspectives on legal spend in this episode, including weighing the pros and cons of alternative fee arrangements, emphasizing the value of communication, and pondering the true longevity of snack cakes.

Episode 3


Guest: Claire Rauscher, Business Litigation attorney at Womble Bond Dickinson, and special guest

Topic: Lessons from a Ransomware Attack

The GC of a leading manufacturer shares his first-hand experience dealing with a ransomware attack and provides some valuable lessons learned. Mark and fellow Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Claire Rauscher talk with him about the challenges corporate leaders face when a company’s data is breached, including why it’s important not to overreact and how to work with law enforcement.

Episode 2


Guest: Jeff Jackson, Business Litigation attorney at Womble Bond Dickinson

Topic: Elections Results - What They Mean for the General Assembly and your Company

North Carolina legislator and Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Jeff Jackson joins Mark to chat about what the Trump administration might look like, how Roy Cooper’s election to the N.C. governor’s seat could impact the state, and generally what the 2016 election results mean for business in the U.S.

Episode 1


Guest: Peter Barr, Counsel at Rack Room Shoes

Topic: Tom’s “Car Talk” Rules of Contracting

Inspired by the insightful and funny automotive advice tossed around during episodes of NPR’s “Car Talk,” Peter Barr, Counsel at Rack Room Shoes, has created a list of rules every GC should know when creating or reviewing a contract. He and Mark discuss the list, his career, and shoe-related trivia.