Womble Carlyle Impact Economy Team Leader Pam Rothenberg and Director of Impact Strategies Mark Newberg will play a key role in the upcoming SOCAP 17 – A Conference at the Intersection of Money + Meaning.

  • Rothenberg is moderating a panel discussion on “Syndicating for Good.” The world of impact investing is collaborative by nature, but what does that mean when it’s time to put money on the table? In this conversation, we’ll explore the art of bringing together multiple investors around a single deal. The notion of “Syndicating for Good” is a critical component for driving impact forward. Attendees will hear from leading practitioners and membership organizations as they go behind the scenes and learn the art of getting good deals done.
  • Newberg will moderate a panel discussion on “The First Mile: Racial Equity in Capital Deployment.” How can the impact investing field begin to address systemic racism at the capital deployment level? Newberg and other speakers will discuss the internal processes and procedures being used to make capital more diverse and representative. This session will get into the weeds on how practitioners put equity into practice everyday. From blind screens for investments to HR policies, participants will leave with actionable steps to take back home for their organizations.
  • Newberg also will moderate a panel titled “10 Years Later: How Far We've Come, and Where We Actually Are.” Over the past decade, impact investing has grown from a niche concept to a mainstream opportunity. From small conversations to major conferences, from boutique investments to public markets. How much progress have we made? What risks lie ahead? And where do we go from here? Attendees will listen to industry icons who have been here since the beginning and get their take on the big issues of the past alongside the big questions for the future.

SOCAP17, a conference focusing on the impact economy and impact investing, takes place Oct. 10-13 in San Francisco.

Pam Rothenberg counsels companies in the growing Impact Economy, ranging from large legacy businesses to newly formed entrepreneurial ventures, to facilitate their participation in Impact. She also has extensive experience in a wide range of commercial real estate transactions, having worked with clients to acquire, sell, develop, lease and finance major commercial, multi-family and mixed-use projects.

Mark Newberg is Director of Impact Strategies for Womble Carlyle, where he is helping launch an Impact Economy practice and develop an integrated Impact Team that is dedicated to powering commerce in the Impact Economy.