In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses face a multitude of challenges that require a unique blend of legal expertise, government insight, and strategic thinking. Global law firms with attorneys who have served in government and special operations communities are uniquely positioned to provide the kind of comprehensive, strategic counsel that modern businesses need. Womble Bond Dickinson brings together diverse skill sets, ranging from legal acumen to defense and security expertise, to empower our clients, protect their intellectual property (IP), and accelerate their business while navigating the complex landscape of government contracting (GOVCON). Our integrated global legal teams enable our clients' business success worldwide.

The Integrated Global Legal Team

Womble Bond Dickinson's legal team includes veterans, former in-house counsel, and attorneys who served in federal agencies. Our first-hand experience in the business of defense and national security gives us a point of view like no other. These attorneys bring a dynamic and multifaceted approach to the practice of law, drawing upon their unique experiences.

One of the key advantages of Womble Bond Dickinson’s integrated global legal team is its ability to collaborate seamlessly across borders and jurisdictions. In a globalized economy, businesses often operate in multiple countries, each with its own legal and regulatory framework. An integrated team can draw upon the collective knowledge of attorneys who are well-versed in the laws of various jurisdictions, facilitating international partnerships and ensuring compliance on a global scale.

Getting to “Yes” While Protecting Business Interests

A fundamental challenge in the business world is the need to negotiate agreements and contracts that benefit all parties involved while safeguarding a company's interests. Womble Bond Dickinson’s deep bench of experienced GOVCON attorneys is well-equipped to navigate these negotiations.

These attorneys understand the importance of "getting to yes" in a manner that protects their clients. Their experience in government service often involves negotiating complex international agreements, where finding common ground is essential. By applying these skills to the business world, these attorneys help clients secure favorable deals, resolve disputes, and foster productive relationships with partners and stakeholders.

At Womble Bond Dickinson, we recognize that success in today's business landscape requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. Our integrated global legal team, with deep government and special operations experience, stands ready to guide and support your business in a dynamic and interconnected world. Choose Womble Bond Dickinson for a unique blend of legal acumen, government insight, and strategic thinking that can empower your business to thrive on a global scale.