In November 2020, Sarah McBride was elected as a state senator for Delaware’s first senate district (which includes Womble’s Wilmington office), making her the highest transgender elected official in the country. McBride was elected with over 73% of the vote in the district. 

Senator McBride has a long history of public advocacy and involvement. She is a graduate of Cab Calloway School for the Arts and American University. Over the course of her career, Senator McBride worked for former Delaware Governor Jack Markell and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, as a White House intern during the Obama administration, and as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign. Prior to being elected, McBride led the successful effort to pass a landmark non-discrimination law in Delaware, worked with state officials to expand health care coverage, and championed legislation protecting vulnerable youth from child abuse.

Senator McBride also has taught classes in public policy at the University of Delaware and is the author of her 2018 memoir, “Tomorrow Will Be Different.” Former Delaware Governor Markell has described her as an individual with a “remarkable ability to deliver hard truths in a way that doesn’t turn people off, even if they’re things that people would rather not hear.”

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