My six-year-old, Jasper, has been obsessed with Beyblade for over a year now. A Beyblade is a spinning top that you and your opponent 'rip' into action in an arena. The tops (or 'Beys') spin and move about emphatically in the arena where they bump into each other. You win by spinning longer than your opponent, knocking your opponent out of the arena, or by 'bursting' your opponent. This is known as a 'burst finish' and is the most satisfying way to win. Here is a cool video demonstration: .

Takara Tomy, maker of these toys, has a patent US9566529B1 that protects the mechanical bursting feature of this toy. The patent claims here are actually quite long specific, but relate to a spinning toy that becomes uncombined (it bursts) when the body (40) rotates a certain amount relative to the shaft (10).

In other words, when the Beys bump into each other in the arena, one Bey causes the other Bey to burst by rotating the opponent's body past the shaft. What keeps this toy interesting is that there are all different kinds of Bey designs - some more geared towards 'stamina' (spinning longer), while other Beys are more geared towards 'attacking' (causing your opponent to burst) and have aggressive protrusions along the body that slam the opponent in the arena. Different Beys also have varying mechanical features on the bottom spinning portion resulting in different spinning trajectories.

There is also a Beyblade anime-style cartoon on Netflix that features this toy.