The world may feel like it is shrinking, but the global economic pie just keeps getting bigger. This presents US companies with tremendous international growth opportunities, and the US Middle Market is primed to take advantage.

For Middle Market companies, global expansion can:

  • Strengthen Core Competencies, through exposing employees to new ideas and best practices;
  • Improve Competitiveness by battling international competitors on their home turf;
  • Increase Customer Service by meeting global customers where they are;
  • Providing More Strategic Opportunities via a broader contact base; and
  • Diversifying A Company's Markets, thus limiting its exposure if the US economy takes a downturn.
  • As developing countries such as China and India continue to grow, their demand for goods and services will grow too. International expansion requires careful planning, but with the right strategy in place, US businesses just might find their next customers halfway around the world.
  • Did You Know? Womble Carlyle's Global Business Team advises US Middle Market companies in establishing international operations and in cross-border transactions. Contact Randy Hanson for more information.

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