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We don’t resemble other law firms. We don’t conduct ourselves like conventional lawyers. Womble Bond Dickinson: A point of view like no other.

Diverse by design, our lawyers think differently, navigate the world uniquely, and challenge business as usual. We have a deep bench and a wealth of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. Our points of view can be your edge. 

Just ask our clients, who include some of the world’s most successful publicly traded companies.

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Jed Nosal


Jed M. Nosal

With an entire career forged in the Hub and almost two decades of experience in senior regulatory and enforcement roles, Jed Nosal’s understanding of state and local government can’t be beat.

A partner in the firm’s Business Litigation Practice Group, Jed navigates complex regulatory processes, government investigations, and enforcement litigation with a panache befitting a lawyer widely known for his signature bowtie. He brings a 360-degree perspective on regulatory oversight and litigation you won’t get anywhere else.

jamie chou


Jamie Chou

Dots, connected. Jamie Chou’s roots in corporate, real estate, and IP law reach deep, far, and wide. She knows your market, your customers, and your competition. 

But what sets Jamie apart is her ability to help people find the answers and resources they need to solve their business challenges. Her practice may be wide-ranging, from corporate and real estate to IP transactional matters, but her perspective connects the dots to help clients see things in a different light. 

Preston Heard

Preston Heard

When protecting your company’s innovation pipeline, you need a tested trial lawyer, a former engineer, and a team player at the table. Clients trust Preston Heard to help them secure, enforce, and monetize their hard-earned intellectual property.

From oil and gas technologies to computer servers to decorative lighting, Preston’s experience spans a wide range of patent and trademark litigation. Whether first chairing an IP trial team, running the firm’s Patent Prosecution and Litigation practice group, or coaching basketball, Preston’s recipe for success doesn’t change—strategy, preparation, and execution, with a team mindset focused on accomplishing client goals.

Champions of your change, we’re intensely local—yet with global capabilities. Our team of over 1,000 lawyers throughout the U.S. and UK helps you see around corners to navigate new opportunities and risks.

Britt Biles


Britt Biles

Britt Biles could teach a masterclass in government and litigation. From advising the White House to battling it out in the courtroom, she's honed her skills at the intersection of power and justice. 

But it’s not her resume, as accomplished as it may be, that sets her apart. Rather, it’s the unique perspective she brings to every case—she’s a living, breathing textbook of political insight and high-stakes legal finesse. 

Jasmine Chalashtori


Jasmine Chalashtori

“Honoring the Guest” is a cherished tradition in Persian culture. When you work with Jasmine Chalashtori, you’ll understand what it means.

This trial-tested litigator leans heavily on her Iranian-American heritage of hospitality to ensure that her clients feel seen, heard, and represented by a strong, capable advocate. Whether it involves complex commercial litigation or white-collar criminal defense, she brings a highly personal approach you won’t find anywhere else.

Global resources, deep hometown roots. Our lawyers have worked in your manufacturing facilities, your laboratories, and your boardrooms. We know your constituents, your customers, and your competition. 

Rodney Miller

Rodney Miller

Problem, solved. Rodney brings an engineer’s mindset to IP law, with a knack for analysis, a thirst to understand how things work, and an understanding that even the smallest of details can have an outsized impact. Add in his rigorous knowledge of due diligence, licensing and transactional work, patent office post-grant review, and litigation, along with his commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and you have a perspective like no other. 

A registered patent attorney with more than a decade of experience, Rodney leverages his unique point of view to represent companies in patent, trademark, and trade secret disputes. His clients rely on his counsel to obtain and protect their intellectual property.

Lisa Rushton

Lisa Rushton

Your MVP in everything green. A varsity college athlete turned environmental attorney, Lisa Rushton now chairs Womble Bond Dickinson’s Clean Energy & Renewables subsector and is co-chair of the US Energy & Natural Resources sector. In a world where business as usual is no longer an option, she's reshaping the legal conversation around environmental protection and renewable energy. 

That’s all to say that you want Lisa on your team. With nearly three decades of experience helping companies solve environmental and energy-related regulatory compliance challenges and disputes, this Chambers-ranked transactional attorney also leads the field in environmental litigation and brownfield redevelopment work.

It’s a people-centric approach to practicing law for an increasingly interconnected world. We lean on our homegrown connections—connections that give us a unique perspective and a personal stake in your success. We amplify those connections with an international network of lawyers with industry-specific knowledge and cutting-edge technology. All to help you achieve your highest-value potential.