*Dr. Campbell is not licensed to practice law. Her activities are directly supervised by members of the firm licensed to practice law in the firm’s Winston-Salem office.

Madeline has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Her scientific background affords a considerable understanding of the complex scientific issues that are central in many types of litigation. She brings clarity to these technical subjects as she assists counsel in identifying relevant scientific themes and selecting strategies to best defend their cases. Madeline is often called upon for difficult cases that depend on presenting and attacking expert testimony. She has helped prepare counsel in a wide array of matters, from simple personal injury to complex multi-party civil litigation. She has consulted with attorneys from varying civil practices, including mass torts, product liability, employment, banking and finance, and medical malpractice to assist in

  • building a compelling story,
  • identifying and preparing the most effective witnesses,
  • identifying and developing the most convincing themes,
  • establishing the best order and context of the evidence,
  • evaluating case risks,
  • preparing expert witnesses to testify.

Before becoming a litigation consultant, Madeline worked in the fields of market research, software usability design and testing, and assessment and evaluation of occupational health and safety training programs. She has a strong background in experimental design and methodology with experience in quantitative and qualitative data analysis.


Any result the lawyer or law firm may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

  • For 21 consecutive years, Madeline has equipped trial teams in personal injury/wrongful death litigation with scientific and medical resources, assisted in the formulation of scientific defense strategies, and developed cross-examination materials for use with numerous expert witnesses at depositions, evidentiary hearings, and trials.
  • Identifying, developing and consulting with expert witnesses in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and pharmacology, both nationally and internationally including on the subject matters of addiction, mental health claims, capacity and behavior change
  • Supervising and coordinating the production of deposition and trial transcript summaries across various types of litigation
  • Assisted counsel in pharmaceutical litigation in researching claims related to neurotoxicity and consulting with expert witnesses to testify on psychiatric issues related to the use of diet drugs