WASHINGTON, D.C.—Once again, a national communications media outlet has asked Womble Bond Dickinson telecom attorney John Garziglia for insights into a Low-Power FM (LPFM) challenge to the FCC’s FM translator application process. 

Three LPFM proponents have filed uniform Informal Objections against hundreds of pending FM translator applications that would carry AM signals. FCC policy is to hold off processing an application when there is an unresolved objection pending against it. So if this policy is maintained, the objections would, in effect, stop the routine processing of hundreds of FM translation applications.

But Garziglia tells Radio World that the LPFM objections are without merit and should be rejected by the FCC. Click here to read “Sides Are Split on Those 998 Objections” in Radio World.

“The LPFM mass filing of informal objections against pending FM translator applications is an abuse of FCC processes,” he tells Radio World. “They know that the FM translator applications will be held hostage to the LPFM proponents’ issues if the FCC accords the mass Informal Objections cognizance.”

He said the LPFM proponents have a general problem with what they perceive as unequal treatment in FCC policy. Their objections do not address specific factual allegations.

Earlier this week, Garziglia also discussed the issue with Radio Ink.

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