Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Carri Bennet will speak on “How to Integrate Mobile Wireless into a Comprehensive Suite of Communications Services to Prevent Competitors from Poaching Your Customers” as part of the NTCA the Rural Broadband Association’s 2023 Fall Conference. She will be joined in the presentation by Curtis Knobloch, the CEO of Telispire.

In an era where seamless connectivity is paramount, providing a comprehensive suite of communication services that includes mobile wireless has become the cornerstone of consumer satisfaction. This presentation will delve into the strategic considerations and technical intricacies of incorporating wireless offerings into a bundled package alongside broadband and streaming video services. Bennet and Knobloch will explore the synergies, challenges, and best practices that pave the way for a holistic customer experience that makes it harder for your competitors to steal your customers and consider using mobile wireless as an edge out strategy to followed up with fiber build out.

The NTCA 2023 Fall Conference takes place Sept. 24-27 in Boston. Womble Bond Dickinson is a Platinum Sponsor of the event.