The 2017 NAB Show is in the books, and Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia was there. Garziglia spoke with Radio Ink about the top trends emerging from the annual conference of the media, entertainment and technology industries:

  1. Radio Broadcaster Finances, and what could happen if large broadcast groups go on the market.
  2. FM Translator Windows and Interference, particularly with the FCC offering an AM-exclusive translator filing window this summer.
  3. AM and FM Sub-Caps, and whether those station ownership restrictions might be lifted by the FCC.
  4. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, whom Garziglia and other radio industry insiders have praised.
  5. TV Repack and FMs.
  6. The Main Studio Rule.
  7. Recording Artist Performance Fees.
  8. Global Media Rights.
  9. Ad Tax Deductibility, particularly with Congress being willing to tackle tax reform.
  10. Next Radio, as radio broadcasters tap into the power of mobile devices to grow their audiences.

John Garziglia represents radio and television broadcasters, offering personalized assistance in all areas of communications and telecommunications law including transactional and contract negotiations for broadcast station mergers and acquisitions, the securing of financing, governmental auctions of new frequencies, license renewals, new stations applications, facility changes, facility upgrades, licensing, and compliance with FCC rules, regulations and policies.