*Lane Songer is not licensed to practice law. Her activities are directly supervised by members of the firm licensed to practice law. 

Lane Songer is a Senior Nurse Consultant in Medical & Scientific Solutions, a WBD Advance Service. She is an experienced nurse consultant, as well as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, who uses her prior law firm, clinical and veterinary skills and experience to enhance her work with counsel in the defense of product liability, professional negligence, personal injury, and animal products cases, such as questions of liability in animal nutrition, supplement and drug matters, adherence to animal feed documentation and labeling standards, and confirmation of humane and ethical handling of animals in research programs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Reviews veterinary and animal health records to determine claim relatedness, causation and/or alternate causation, and legitimacy of claimed damages 
  • Assesses adherence to FDA animal feed and drug product safety guidelines and regulation
  • Reviews food, product and pharmaceutical/supplement records, including ingredient lists, labels & packaging and marketing materials
  • Analyzes product recall alert procedures and corrective actions
  • Evaluates medical records in injury cases to identify risk factors and alternate causes for defensive strategy
  • Assists counsel in preparation of medical expert witness deposition outlines 
  • Analyzes transcripts and other litigation documents for relevant information for medical defenses 
  • Consults with expert witnesses and counsel to analyze case status and defensive strategy 

Prior Experience

Lane has worked on products liability, professional negligence and personal injury cases. Her diligence and willingness to find the “story behind the story” within records, transcripts and other documents has proven invaluable to counsel and been critical to the defense of numerous cases.

  • Clinical - Nursing
    • Cardiac Care
    • Home Health Care
    • Adult & Pediatric Oncology
    • Chemotherapy Preparation & Administration 
    • Trauma Intensive Care 
  • Clinical - Veterinary
    • Large Animal ICU Technician, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA
    • Associate Veterinarian, Private and Corporate Practice

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

  • Licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in NC & VA
  • DEA Licensed
  • Category II accreditation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, under CFR, Title 9, Part 161, issued by United States Department of Agriculture National Veterinary Accreditation Program
  • Memberships: 
    • American Veterinary Medical Association
    • United States Animal Health Association