This webinar took place on March 30, 2020. 

    To download the slides from this presentation, please click here. A replay of the webinar is below.

    Description: The spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, is a public health crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in many decades. It is also having a tremendous impact on businesses and their supply chains across the globe. The challenges being faced are unprecedented and taxing supply chain executives and companies as they continue to try to maintain operations during the crisis. This Webinar discussed some of those issues, and provided input and analysis on key aspects of the supply chain challenges.

    Our speakers covered topics including:

    • A general overview of the “State of Supply Chain Issues”
    • Are specific industries being affected more or less than others?
    • What can companies do at this point to mitigate the disruption? (Differences between manufacturing and service companies / domestic supply chains vs. global
    • Is it too late to do supply chain disruption planning?  If not, what does that planning look like?
    • How “Shelter in Place” orders affects a company in the supply chain for an “essential” business or industry
    • Recovery, what can and should companies do to prepare for the post-Covid recovery? Is now an opportunity to “reset” supply chains or improve/rationalize them?


    • Rob Handfield, Executive Director of Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, and Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University
    • Greg Chabon, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson

    Additional Resources:  

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