160D & Ordinance Updates: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill have recently adopted text amendments to update their development ordinances to be consistent with the new NCGS Chapter 160D (information regarding 160D can be found here). New regulations include modified neighborhood meeting and public noticing requirements; clarifying minimum development application requirements; articulates how modifications to zoning applications are regulated, and clarifying vested rights and development standards to conform with Chapter 160D. These regulation changes can be impactful for any ongoing or future zoning application in any of these jurisdictions.

Raleigh: Raleigh’s Planning Commission is reviewing a "Missing Middle" text amendment that will allow apartments and townhomes in a wider range of residential districts, and adjusts minimum lot size, setbacks, and how residential density is computed. This is one of several efforts in the City to increase the type and quantity of housing supply. The City is also considering a text amendment to add a Transit Overlay District to the Unified Development Ordinance to encourage and plan for development around the Bus Rapid Transit planned for across Raleigh, such as Western Boulevard. This effort accompanies planning efforts related to the future Western Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit, extending westward from Downtown to Cary. This study will notably create a vision for design and policy changes associated with future transportation improvements.

Chapel Hill: Chapel Hill is currently reviewing changes to its Land Use Management Ordinance to regulate residential short-term rentals. The text amendment is before the Town Council after a two-year community dialogue. The text amendment proposes to classify Short Term Rentals (“STRs”) as either a "Primary Residence Short Term Rental" and as a "Dedicated Short Term Rental", and contains accompanying locational, operational, and permitting requirements.

Durham: Durham is beginning redevelopment of the two city-owned parking lots surrounding the municipal governmental complex on the 300 and 500 blocks of East Main Street, just east of downtown. The redevelopment will include 310 units affordable to households earning between 30% and 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), 250 market-rate apartments, a childcare center, and roughly 30,000 square feet of commercial space. This occurs as the redevelopment of the Former Police Headquarters at 505 W Chapel Hill Street has been put on hold. These developments of City-owned property will add to the numerous cranes in the Durham skyline.