There has been a year-to-date increase of 11.5% in TCPA court filings in 2023. And while TCPA court filings were down for the month of October, year-to-date cases are still up as a result of the big jump in May. May saw a 98.2% increase from the previous month and a 79.2% increase from May, 2022. 

The most surprising trend is the spike in TCPA class action filings. In October, class actions filings increased 43% above October, 2022. Of the 129 TCPA filings, 89 were class actions – that’s a staggering 69% of all TCPA cases filed in October. This is evidence of the overall trend of more TCPA class action activity. 

As of October 31, 1454 TCPA lawsuits have been filed for 2023.