The 2016 political season is in full swing, and with it, the media coverage needed to keep the public informed about their government. However, for radio stations, does interviewing a candidate for office trigger a need to provide equal time to other candidates?

Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney Gregg Skall answers this question in a new “FCC Uncensored” column at All Access. The answer, he said, depends on the “bona fides” of the news coverage.

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Gregg Skall represents broadcasters and other parties in their regulatory dealings before the Federal Communications Commission and in their commercial business dealings. He serves as Washington Counsel to several state broadcaster associations. He also works with telecommunications companies and with radio device manufacturers to obtain FCC approvals and to assure regulatory compliance. Skall is a frequent author on broadcasting and the law and is published in All Access, where his column “FCC Uncensored” is a regular feature.

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