Adrian represents clients in a broad spectrum of litigation matters regarding both commercial and residential real property, intellectual property, and professional liability defense with an emphasis on legal malpractice. His practice focuses on real estate disputes between buyers, sellers, contractors, brokers and agents, and homeowner's associations. Most of Adrian's clients are owners of real property, real estate agents and agencies, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, accountants, and attorneys in lawsuits arising from purchase agreement disputes; failures to disclose defects; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims; easement disputes; boundary disputes; partition actions; CC&R violations; wrongful evictions; uninhabitable conditions; and no-fault evictions under the Ellis Act and Owner Move-In statutes under local ordinances. 

While in law school, Adrian worked at the Intellectual Property Justice Clinic and was the head research assistant for the McCarthy Institute where he gained knowledge and experience in trademark prosecution with the USPTO and litigation. Thereafter, Adrian went on to represent various small businesses and artists, including George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, in relation to trademark disputes and prosecution. Adrian also represents clients in the legal cannabis industry including cultivators, distributors, and Certified Public Accountants in both transactional and litigation matters. 

Throughout his career, Adrian has successfully negotiated the settlement of civil and administrative actions resulting in favorable outcomes for his clients. He has demonstrated exceptional case management skills and oversaw all aspects of his cases from inception through resolution including analyzing legal issues, developing and executing discovery strategies, drafting and arguing motions, retaining and deposing experts, negotiating settlements via private mediation and arbitration under the American Arbitration Association, and defending matters through trial when settlement is unobtainable.