WASHINGTON, DC—New technology opens up new opportunities and revenue streams to radio stations. But technological changes also present new regulatory challenges.

Such is the case with a petition before the FCC, asking the regulatory agency to allow geotargeted radio ads and content. John Garziglia and Womble Bond Dickinson are cited in a new Communications Daily article on the geotargeting debate.

Garziglia said most broadcasters support the proposal to allow geotargeted content and ads. His client, Broadcasters for Limited Program Origination, have filed their own petition asking the FCC to also explore authorizing FM translators to originate content. “FM booster and translator licensees should both be allowed to choose their own originated content categories,” Garziglia writes in the petition.

One broadcaster tells Communications Daily that with this technology, he could broadcast a high school football game within the high school’s community, while continuing to broadcast music for listeners in the next town over, and sell separate ad packages targeting both audiences. 

Click here to read “Zoned Broadcast Coverage Could Get FCC Nod” in Communications Daily (subscription required). 

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