This webinar took place on May 12, 2020. 

To download the slides from this presentation, please click here. A replay of the webinar is below.

Description: The British-American Business Association and Womble Bond Dickinson presented an issues-focused roundtable discussion comparing and contrasting impacts on the US & UK energy markets as a result of COVID-19 and the drop in energy prices. The conversation covered current challenges on a range of relevant topics, and how those who are facing these concerns are dealing with them on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Our Speakers covered topics including:

1. How the following issues will impact the energy markets in the coming weeks, months and years


  • Logistics and international mobility: the impact of lockdown on operations
  • Employment issues: the challenges of working remotely, health and safety, and planning to return to work
  • Supply chain disruptions and counterparty risk
  • Contract renegotiations and force majeure claims
  • M&A deal activity and pricing
  • Debt service: particularly reserve based loan redetermination
  • SEC disclosure requirement

Global Energy Market

  • Price volatility: futures contracts and storage capacity
  • Impact on exploration activities
  • Capex expenditure: FID decisions, impact on activity levels and future effect on the supply/demand dynamic
  • Future financing of the industry
  • Long term structural changes: how will the industry need to change to survive?

2. Final thoughts: preparing the industry for a post-COVID-19 world


  • Michael Silver, Vice President and General Counsel, VAALCO Energy, Inc.
  • Jon Fitzpatrick, Founder and Managing Director, Gneiss Energy (UK)
  • Richard Cockburn, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (UK)
  • Matt Lewy, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (UK)
  • Jasper Mason, formerly with Womble Bond Dickinson (US)
  • Joe Tirone, formerly with Womble Bond Dickinson (US)

This webinar was co-hosted by The British-American Business Association. For more information on BABA, please visit their website.

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