Doordash, the food delivery app, had an explosive IPO yesterday, jumping up almost 100%. From what I understand, Doordash currently has the lion's share of the food delivery market - greater than the combined market share of UBER Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates.

Here, Doordash has a patent US10740715B1 that gives a user a discount if they 'combine' their order with another user. The idea here is that the users can 'share' the delivery person, thus reducing the overall cost of the transaction.

To create a combined order, the users don't necessarily have to order from the same restaurant. Rather, based on the patented claims, it appears that the combining feature is dependent on how close the first user is to the second user. Thus, if the first user and the second user live in the same building, then it is likely that they can combine orders and receive a discount.

If you ride Uber like me, this patent may remind you of 'Uber pool' which gives Uber riders a discount if they will ride with strangers and deal with pick-ups along their ride.