In an era marked by the transition to greener energy sources, there is an intricate dance between achieving net-zero emissions and the critical role mining plays in this endeavor. This compilation of articles titled “Striking the Balance: Permitting Reforms for Mining and the Energy Transition” highlights challenges and opportunities for the mining and renewable energy sectors.

The growing demand for critical metals like lithium, cobalt, and copper essential for these technologies is juxtaposed against the cumbersome and protracted mining permitting processes that significantly delay production. With nearly 40% of mining projects stalling due to permitting issues, we provide global examples, in places such as the United States, Sweden, and Western Australia, where regulatory hurdles impede progress. Despite some agreement on the need for more efficient permitting, proposed reforms often face opposition due to concerns over environmental impacts and stakeholder involvement. However, some jurisdictions are taking regulatory steps to address these challenges and strike a balance between environmental standards and the need for critical metals to fuel the energy transition.

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