European privacy law is a bold new world for US businesses doing business in Europe. An October Court of Justice ruling struck down the Safe Harbor arrangement which had governed EU-US data transfer transactions for years. European officials said the US wasn’t doing enough to safeguard the personal data of European citizens and that increased protections were needed.

Womble Carlyle Privacy/Data Security attorney Ted Claypoole said the ruling has created an atmosphere of uncertainty for US companies. Businesses are at the mercy of the law enforcement establishment and can expect many claims in the future.   

Ted Claypoole is a senior member of Womble Carlyle’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and leads the firm's Privacy and Data Protection Industry Team. He negotiates and prepares data management, business process outsourcing and ecommerce agreements for his clients. Claypoole routinely talks to business and legal associations across the country on data security issues and is a frequent author on the topic.