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On April 29, 2024, Chairman John Moolenaar, the new Chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, unveiled his priorities.  

In a new video, as well as an Op-ed, Moolenaar previewed the Committee’s top priorities under his leadership, which includes safeguarding Taiwan, stopping the fentanyl trade, protecting American technology and supply chain, and preventing CCP proxies from harassing people on U.S. soil.  

With regard to supply chain, Moolenaar said, “We will examine the most critical areas of our supply chain so we can reduce our dependence on the CCP,” and spoke specifically about his concerns for the dominant position Chinese manufacturers have for lithium batteries used in electric vehicles.  

Reflecting on previous successful efforts, in an interview with Roll Call, the Select Committee’s Ranking Member Raja Krishnamoorthi said another measure that targets the practices of specific companies should be a “no-brainer bill.” The measure would ban federal research funds going to U.S. companies that in turn hire Chinese biotech companies.

According to the Ranking Member, the committee is also pushing for legislation that would prohibit U.S. investment firms from funneling money into Chinese tech and defense companies and is closely examining China’s propaganda efforts in foreign elections, including Taiwan’s.

The Congressional Investigations team at Womble Bond Dickinson previewed the anticipated future direction of the Select Committee in early April, correctly identifying critical minerals, EVs, and the supply chain as key areas for bipartisan agreement and action. You can find our earlier analysis here