Scott Schmok is a registered patent agent with more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in software and hardware patent preparation and prosecution. He has experience in multiple technological areas including, but not limited to, augmented/virtual reality, data stream synchronization, cloud and hybrid cloud environments, variable length symbol encoding, 3D terrain rendering and ray casting, machine learning, PCIe link restoration, convolutional neural networks, object detection and classification, anomaly detection, mixed-signal design, standard cell transistor design and routing, integrated circuit design, vector data optimization, high-dimensional space clustering, sparse matrix tiling, and data encryption.

Prior to becoming a patent agent, Scott worked for more than 13 years in engineering, product development, and technical marketing for a multi-national telecommunications company focused on cellular networks, application-specific intetgrated circuits (ASICs), and encryption systems. He is also named as a co–inventor of Crypto Ignition Key Interface.