Dr. Wu has been aiding various clients to obtain patent protection for important R&D fruition for a decade. From individuals to large corporations, his clients have entrusted him with inventions in a broad range of technologies, including computer related inventions, oil and gas tools, medical devices, wireless communication improvements, and more. Pin does not give up any deserving claim scope when fighting for his clients’ interests before the USPTO and pays attention to every important, however minute, technical detail to best support every patent application. 

Deeply believing in the global patent system and its power in drawing innovations that improve people’s lives, Pin crafts each claim in the dynamic context of ever-changing landscapes in the technology world. Pin understands that every disclosure not only teaches the world how to do things better, but also forms a building block for the next level of achievements. Even in crowded spaces, Pin identifies the property border that maximizes the value for every invention, decades or more. 

Based on his academic background and research experiences, Pin can step into the shoes of inventors and understand every important technical detail. Pin enjoys learning the latest methods, processes, and devices and conveying such ideas to the public. From his academic publication experience, Pin knows the importance of citation and community recognition and aims to have his clients’ intellectual property valuably licensed. 

In addition, Pin’s mother-tongue in Cantonese and Mandarin enables him to cross linguistic and cultural barriers when partaking in international transactions, review, and research.  


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