As a Technical Advisor, Kiana focuses her practice on patent drafting and prosecution in the Software/EE sectors to provide her technical expertise and support her clients’ IP goals.

Prior to working in IP, Kiana worked as an advanced repair agent (ARA) and serviced computing devices and other relevant technologies (e.g., peripheral technologies) based on the needs of her clients. Her experience includes acquisitioning of data regarding her clients, identifying vulnerabilities of said devices and/or the technologies used by her clients, and managing the vulnerabilities to prevent delay of the services and/or facilitate provision of the services as desired by the clients. For example, to service a computing device of a client, Kiana’s experience further includes designing unique and full package computing solutions, each of these solutions addressing, for example, associated delays in services to be provided to the client.

Prior to working as an ARA, Kiana studied physics while attending the University of Houston (UoH). In December of 2018, Kiana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. 

Throughout her time at UoH and working as an ARA, Kiana developed her soft skills along with her technical skills to achieve optimal client satisfaction. Kiana’s experience includes servicing clients on a one-on-one basis until the needs of the clients are met.