Daniel Kremer concentrates on patent prosecution concerning oncology, cell therapies and immunotherapy matters. Before private practice, Daniel was a postdoctoral researcher and postdoctoral research fellow at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. Daniel has contributed to 18 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is a co-inventor of a small molecule pharmaceutical patent application for the treatment of rare blood cancers. 

Thought Leadership

  • Co-inventor, WO 2022/251788 A1
  • Co-Author, “Targeting allosteric regulation of cancer metabolism,” Nature Chemical Biology., April 2022.
  • Co-Author, “Cancer SLC43A2 alters T cell methionine metabolism and histone methylation,” Nature, September 2020 
  • Co-Author, “Cysteine depletion induces pancreatic tumor ferroptosis in mice,” Science, April 2020. 
  • Co-Author, “Histone Acetyltransferase MOF Blocks Acquisition of Quiescence in Ground-State ESCs through Activating Fatty Acid Oxidation,” Cell Stem Cell, June 2020. 
  • Co-Author, “Macrophage-Released Pyrimidines Inhibit Gemcitabine Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer,” Cell Metab., June 2019.  
  • Co-Author, “IDH1-R132H acts as a tumor suppressor in glioma via epigenetic up-regulation of the DNA damage response,” Science Translational Medicine, January 2018.
  • Co-Author, “Pancreatic stellate cells support tumor metabolism through autophagic alanine secretion,” Nature., August 2016.