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General Pay Rules

  • Exempt and Non-exempt employees should be allowed to take leave in accordance with state law and FMLA policies
  • Exempt employees are entitled to pay for any week in which work is performed 
  • Employees are not entitled to pay for weeks of furlough or a facility closure 
  • Non-Exempt employees are entitled to pay only for time worked
  • Employers may have to pay employees for reporting to work, even if they are sent home
  • Be mindful of predictive scheduling laws 

PTO and Sick Leave

  • Encourage self-reporting, self-monitoring and remote work 
  • Follow existing policies but remain flexible
  • Employee out of leave what are our options?
  • Allow unpaid or paid leave, or remote work
  • New Hire not entitled to leave for 90 days, what can we do?
  • Relax current policies and allow leave 
  • Employee refuses to come in and can not work from home?
  • Allow unpaid or paid leave 
  • FMLA is generally unpaid leave