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Privilege Log Considerations and Best Practices for Complex Litigation

Jun 25 2020
Privilege logs are often considered back-burner items in complex litigation and not addressed until discovery deadlines draw near. However, paying attention to privilege logs early on can be a hidden factor in in a successful litigation effort, helping to strengthen a team’s case while also keeping costs in check. The key to making privilege logs work for you and your clients is to start considering them at the outset of the case. Litigators should carefully consider what information to include on a privilege log and how to set up and organize the log.

Madeline Campbell, Kurt Weaver Explore Addiction Litigation Trends Facing Gaming Industry in New Published Article

Feb 11 2020
Today, more than 90 percent of children and adolescents play video games and many, if not most, of them spend substantial time playing (seven hours and seven minutes per week on average). A similar trend line can be found in adult behavior as well; adult gamers in the 26-to-35-year age group play for more than 8 hours per week, a 25 percent increase of the previous year’s statistics. Is video gaming a new addiction and will there be a wave of litigation as a result?