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COVID-19 Workplace Safety Regulations for Businesses

Oct 13 2020
On July 15, Virginia became the first state to adopt workplace safety regulations to address COVID-19, both to help curtail the spread of the virus and to drive sustained economic recovery throughout the Commonwealth. Other states have adopted, or are considering, similar COVID-19 workplace safety regulations. So what do employers need to do if they operate in Virginia? What states have taken similar action? And what should companies do to get their organizations ready for what may come to their state?

Key Developments in US Sanctions

Jul 15 2020
Global supply chains have been greatly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, sending companies scrambling to find both new sources of supplies and new customers for their products. But even as businesses struggle to find their footing in this new international marketplace, they also must be aware of US sanctions. Aggressive enforcement of US sanctions programs continues, even in the COVID-19 environment, and companies face increasing pressure to perform robust due diligence on their counterparties to reduce the risks of sanctions non-compliance.