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Reduce High Occupancy Costs

Jan 11 2021
In the changed landscape, lowering occupancy costs by reducing property taxes is one of the most important steps businesses can take to remain competitive.

Major South Carolina Appellate Decision on Property Tax Exemption

Aug 26 2020
Real estate investors acquiring properties in South Carolina have been granted some latitude when they fail to request an available property tax exemption. In a major decision issued on August 26, 2020, the South Carolina Court of Appeals held that a property owner need not claim the 25% property tax exemption when there is an “Assessable Transfer of Interest” (ATI) available to certain commercial properties during the first year of eligibility for the exemption.

10 Key Considerations for Commercial Real Estate Loan Restructurings: A Primer

Jul 20 2020
Since commercial real estate is a “leverage” business, one common challenge that many owners will possibly face is the need to restructure the loans secured by their properties in order to achieve more realistic and achievable economic terms and to avoid loan defaults, foreclosures and the loss of their properties. As a Primer for those lucky few real estate owners and advisors that have not worked through previous real estate cycles (and as a refresher for those who have), here are ten key considerations to guide you generally in pursuing loan restructuring transactions with your lenders.