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Transacting in a Remote Work Environment: A Primer on Electronic Transactions and Electronic Signatures

Oct 05 2020
The pandemic has accelerated the shift away from ink-and-paper and toward electronic signatures and records. Such electronic options offer not only convenience, but also safety (in the form of social distancing) and security (via sophisticated encryption and audit trail features). But before using an electronic signature platform in a transaction, there are a number of issues attorneys must consider—both in terms of legal compliance and enforceability as well as best practices for a real-world transaction.

Will Demand for Private Aircraft Rise Post COVID-19?

May 01 2020
The global health crisis stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused far-reaching negative economic impacts across industries. The worldwide travel industry has been no exception. However, there are certain indicators, coupled with historical considerations, that point to potential long-term growth in one area: private air travel.