So you’ve been served with a TCPA class action. What do you do first?

Call us.

Having served as lead counsel in over 60 putative nationwide TCPA class actions and defended approximately 1,000 individual TCPA suits, Eric J. Troutman and his team of class action defense lawyers are among the most knowledgeable and sophisticated TCPA defense lawyers in the country— and they are always happy to chat. Eric has built a national litigation practice based upon broad experience, rigorous analysis, and extraordinary responsiveness. Eric and his team feel equally at home litigating multi-billion dollar telecommunications class actions in federal court as they do when developing and executing national litigation strategies for institutions facing an onslaught of individual TCPA matters. They thrive in each of these roles—delivering consistently excellent results —while never losing sight of the client experience.

TCPA defense is all that Eric and his team do, day in day out. They know the players in this space and their tactics, so they can help you to understand just what to expect. They’ve successfully defeated scores of TCPA class actions through dispositive motion practice and early individual resolutions. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to make a case go away. But if you do need to do battle, Eric and his team have the experience and firepower to drive a winning result.*

Defense of Large-Scale TCPA Litigation Portfolios

Major institutions that face multiple TCPA lawsuits across the country need a coherent strategy to avoid missed opportunities and errant results. Documents produced in one case should be consistent with those provided in others. Business leads and in-house lawyers should not have to waste their time re-educating outside counsel on policies, data, personnel or tactics. Familiarity and experience with friendly and knowledgeable outside counsel can make defending large-scale TCPA litigation portfolios bearable, if not enjoyable.

While many firms now tout TCPA expertise, the truth is that few firms in the country have the experience and firepower to take on large-scale strategic TCPA litigation portfolios. Womble Bond Dickinson’s team is designed to be scalable and responsive to your needs. Eric Troutman has been serving as national strategic TCPA counsel for major banks and finance companies since 2012. He knows what is needed to deliver predictable and consistently excellent results in an unpredictable litigation environment.

Eric has been there from the beginning. He built one of the country’s first TCPA-only defense teams and began serving as national TCPA counsel for his clients nearly a decade ago. This perspective allows him to swiftly develop the right litigation strategies for dealing with recurring problems, without wasting time on tactics that are bound to fail.*

Eric’s team views each case holistically—never treating these cases as “commodity work”—and recognizing that opportunities to make good case law abound.

Actionable TCPA Guidance

No one knows the TCPA better than Eric and his team.* The up-to-the-hour content on proves it. Not only does Eric and his team read every TCPA case and study every TCPA development as they unfold, but they also analyze those cases and events and share them with the world daily. Indeed, through the team serves as an active TCPA resource for hundreds of people that trust the website for up to date information on TCPA developments.

Eric’s rich historical perspective and the team’s encyclopedic knowledge of the TCPA landscape make for an invaluable resource to institutional compliance teams struggling to comply with the shifting regulatory landscape. No task is too small—or too big. Indeed, Eric and the team have helped build TCPA-compliant systems and processes for some of the largest and most complex corporate entities in the country. They commonly work with in-house compliance counsel to develop and implement enterprise and business-line specific TCPA solutions, perform TCPA audits, and draft and review proposed TCPA policies and procedures. He and his team also have the technical experience necessary to assist call centers seeking to develop TCPA-resistant call path architecture or to modify existing telephony and software integration to better insulate from potential TCPA exposure.

What is TCPA Anyway?

A terribly-drafted statute.

It was enacted in 1991 to prevent random-fire telemarketing robocalls, and it includes steep penalties to punish wrongdoers. But the statute has been misapplied by the FCC as a tool to thwart legitimate calls by American businesses seeking to reach consumers leveraging the efficacy of ordinary telephone dialing systems. The FCC’s expansion of the TCPA has recently been set aside, but courts continue to struggle with how to apply the statute, and a thicket of conflicting case law has developed. This is not a jungle you want to navigate without a guide. TCPA liability is set at up to $1,500.00 per call and can add up quickly, especially in putative class actions. If you are facing suit—or worried that you might—give Womble Bond Dickinson’s extremely experienced TCPA defense litigators a call.

Our Team

More firepower means better results.*

Womble Bond Dickinson’s TCPA litigation team includes 9 experienced federal court litigators dedicated to TCPA defense plus an additional team of complex litigators and compliance attorneys backing them up. All totaled, Womble Bond Dickinson’s TCPA defense and advocacy team includes 22 lawyers in California and across the South and Mid-Atlantic states.

The team defends TCPA litigation as a team. Eric personally provides strategic guidance for all class litigation and national strategic litigation portfolios, but tasks are seamlessly handled by the timekeeper best suited for the task - providing efficiency and fairly priced invoices.

Stay informed at isn’t just a blog; it’s a lifestyle obsession for those that eat, sleep, and breathe the TCPA as we do. We break all the TCPA news with funny and informative articles and other tools to explore the TCPA landscape. The analysis you’ll find on our blog from veteran attorneys is steeped in our decades of combined TCPA defense experience but also features some fresh faces to the game.

*Any result the lawyer or law firm may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.