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Morris Ellison in Real Estate Issues: The Smart City in the Post-COVID-19 World

May 12 2020
The world has changed! The news of the hour commands our attention as we react to the COVID-19 crisis. Some changes will certainly outlast the current pandemic. Stay-at-home orders and the current crisis’s economic impact have changed the way we view real estate. Technology has made location less important. Obtaining and analyzing reliable data almost in real time seem to be the key in reacting appropriately to the crisis itself. The concept of Smart Cities, cities that use data to improve delivery of city services, has been around for years. This article argues that data’s importance supports swift implementation of 5G networks and that Smart City technologies can help address the current crisis in both the immediate and longer terms.

Morris Ellison in the Charleston Post & Courier: Smart City Technologies Can Aid COVID-19 Recovery

May 05 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives. Smart City technologies offer the promise of a more robust economic recovery and enhanced public health, but we need a very public debate before deciding how far we want to go. Compilation, interpretation and application of data lies at the heart of the Smart City. How much of the current crisis could have been averted if we had earlier access to the data surrounding the contagiousness and morbidity of COVID-19? Technologies that monitor vehicle and pedestrian counts and spacing can confirm whether we are observing social distancing.

Brexit: IoT to the rescue?

Nov 17 2017
For retailers, speed and efficiency in supply chains are paramount. With the possibility of a "hard" or "no deal" Brexit, retailers must adapt to a new operating environment. The UK government is exploring the potential for highly streamlined technology-based procedures to preserve frictionless borders. The Internet of Things (IoT) could play an important role, but also comes with a range of legal implications.