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Reduce High Occupancy Costs

Jan 11 2021
In the changed landscape, lowering occupancy costs by reducing property taxes is one of the most important steps businesses can take to remain competitive.

Christine Lawson Adds to Food Industry Compliance Training with Foreign Supplier Verification Program Certification & Produce Safety Alliance Course

Nov 24 2020
Lawson’s practice includes counseling food companies on regulatory compliance and reviews, guiding food companies through administrative hearings related to product safety concerns, conducting inspections (including responses to warning letters and 483s), and advising food businesses on labeling and impounding disputes relating to food imports.

COVID Notices and Waivers

Aug 28 2020
You may have seen signs on stores, or signed COVID waivers when you go to your doctor or dentists. Are these required? Are they legal? Are they a good idea?

COVID-19 and Commercial Leases: Guidance for Lenders

May 05 2020
Soon after the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting significant impact on brick-and-mortar retail and other commercial activity, real estate lenders began to take a fresh look at their loan documents and key tenant leases to prepare for potential tenant cash flow issues and lease defaults. Commercial tenants have and will continue to request of their landlords concessions like rental deferments, rental abatements, and waivers of certain lease defaults. Lenders must continue to take a proactive approach with their borrowers, not waiting for loan defaults to inevitably occur.