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COVID Notices and Waivers

Aug 28 2020
You may have seen signs on stores, or signed COVID waivers when you go to your doctor or dentists. Are these required? Are they legal? Are they a good idea?

COVID-19 and Commercial Leases: Guidance for Lenders

May 05 2020
Soon after the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting significant impact on brick-and-mortar retail and other commercial activity, real estate lenders began to take a fresh look at their loan documents and key tenant leases to prepare for potential tenant cash flow issues and lease defaults. Commercial tenants have and will continue to request of their landlords concessions like rental deferments, rental abatements, and waivers of certain lease defaults. Lenders must continue to take a proactive approach with their borrowers, not waiting for loan defaults to inevitably occur.

Supreme Court: Willfulness Not a Requirement for Loss of Profits in Trademark Infringement

Apr 24 2020
The Supreme Court rarely weighs in on trademark law, and infringement litigation in particular. But on Wednesday, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that an infringer’s willfulness is not a prerequisite in order for an aggrieved trademark owner to obtain their profits in trademark infringement litigation. The Court’s decision in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil, Inc. clarifies a split in the Circuit Courts and is a victory for brand owners.

Getting Back to Work After Confirmed COVID-19: The Importance of Response Planning

Apr 09 2020
By now, every segment of our economy and industrial sector has been touched by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. A recent supply management survey found that three out of every four U.S. businesses have experienced some form of disruption due to impacts on the shipping industry. Schools, hotels, airlines, restaurants, commercial real estate, and manufacturing centers all are facing unprecedented challenges and pondering one simple question: How do we get back to work?