*Patricia Hutchinson is not licensed to practice law. Her activities are directly supervised by members of the firm licensed to practice law in the firm’s Winston-Salem office.

Patty Hutchinson is a Nurse Consultant with Medical & Scientific Solutions, a WBD Advance Service. She is an experienced nurse consultant who uses her prior law firm, clinical, case management, and educator skills to augment her expertise in the litigation arena.

Areas of Expertise

  • Evaluates medical records for alternate causes, alternate diagnoses, risk factors, and statute of limitations issues
  • Coordinates and consults with expert witnesses and counsel for case analysis, review and strategy assessment
  • Prepares medically-related segments of expert witness outlines for attorney use
  • Analyzes transcripts, investigative materials, for extraction of relevant information for medical defenses
  • Reviews medical and insurance billing records to determine legitimacy of claimed damages and provide independent assessment of claim-related damages

Prior Consultant Experience

Patty has worked in various aspects of product liability litigation, including asbestos, mold, lead paint, and diet drugs, to name a few.  Her ability to assist the defense by extracting key information from medical records and diagnostic studies to develop strategies and mitigate damages has been key to her success.

Patty has previous experience working for a major regional teaching trauma center as a clinical documentation improvement specialist and educator, performing case management duties for a national insurance provider, and conducting Medicare audits for RAC (recovery audit contractor).  

Prior Clincial Experience

  • Medical Intensive Care
  • Cardiac Critical Care 
  • Nursing Case Management