Katie acts for a wide variety of individuals advising on a range of areas including wills, trusts, tax planning, powers of attorney and advance decisions, with a particular interest in clients with international connections. Katie has experience of delivering seminars in these areas. She enjoys getting to know each client and understanding their priorities, before providing tailored advice and solutions to help them achieve their goals.

As well as her work for individual clients and families, Katie provides advice and support to a number of individual, professional and corporate trustees on all aspects of trust law including the creation, ongoing administration and termination of trusts and trust interests, tax planning and compliance. Katie has regularly represented the firm (Trust Corporation) Limited at meetings of The Association of Corporate Trustees (TACT). 

Katie has recently completed her STEP Diploma and is now a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner, having received one of only two distinctions awarded across the country for the wills and administration of estates exam. Her study has included an optional exam in UK Tax for International Clients covering the areas of domicile, tax residence, and estate and tax planning for clients who have connections with more than one country, including clients whose affairs straddle England and Scotland as well as further afield. 


    Examples of experience include:

    • Drafting wills for a couple with complex domicile issues and with assets in the UK and in other countries both inside and outside the EU
    • Advising trustees on their powers and duties and the options for the trust following significant events, such as the death of a family member
    • Preparing Advance Decisions and Lasting Powers of Attorney reflecting clients' specific care wishes in the event that they lose mental capacity to make their own decisions about their health and welfare
    • Advising on inheritance tax planning for business owners, landowners and others.


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