Charlotte advises on the delivery of infrastructure and regeneration projects, specialising in compulsory acquisition. She has advised clients on compulsory purchase orders, development consent orders, section 106 agreements and section 278 agreements. Charlotte has advised both private and public sector clients.

Charlotte's experience of advising on major infrastructure projects includes advising promoters on compulsory acquisition to deliver energy schemes such an offshore wind farms both in the development consent order and compulsory purchase order arenas. Charlotte has also advised numerous objectors in relation to Transport and Works Act Orders and compulsory purchase orders.

Charlotte is currently advising on a number of compulsory purchase orders to deliver regeneration benefits.

Charlotte is experienced in negotiating section 106 agreements and section 278 agreements opposite local authorities in tight timeframes.

Charlotte is a member of the Compulsory Purchase Association.


Examples of experience include advising:

  • Sedgemoor District Council on the promotion of a compulsory purchase order to secure the land and interests required to deliver a link road for the Huntspill Energy Park
  • Norfolk Vanguard Limited on the promotion of a development consent order for the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm project, advising on the drafting of the Order and negotiation of agreements with affected parties
  • the promoters of a number of Development Consent Orders including East Anglia ONE Limited and East Anglia THREE Limited on the compulsory acquisition elements of the development consent orders for their offshore wind farms including advising on the preparation for and attendance at compulsory acquisition hearings, obtaining crown consents and negotiating protective provisions and side agreements with affected statutory undertakers
  • Knottingley Power Limited (ESB International) in negotiating a number of section 278 agreements for highway works necessary to deliver the Knottingley CCGT Power Plant. 
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