The Southeast Community Development Corporation provides housing counseling and community development services to the communities of Southeast Baltimore. As part of the CDC’s community development program, Womble Carlyle lawyer Nancy Urizar agreed to present—in Spanish—a two-part capacity-building workshop to a predominantly Spanish-speaking community association. The Community Law Center, a nonprofit law firm that provides legal services to community and nonprofit organizations throughout Maryland, assisted with the presentations.

The presentations took place on September 28 and October 5. During the workshop series, Urizar covered a wide variety of topics, including how to form a nonprofit organization, how to deal with conflicts of interest, fiduciary duties, how to set meeting agendas and prepare meeting minutes, incorporation, tax exemption and fundraising.

Throughout the two presentations, the attendees asked many questions and seemed genuinely excited and interested in learning about non-profit organizations. One community member thanked the CDC for organizing the workshop and for teaching her that she can be a leader in her community.

Nancy Urizar, Ph.D., advises clients on a variety of intellectual property matters, including in connection with the acquisition, development, licensing and sale of intellectual property in the biotechnology, biologics, pharmaceutical, life sciences and agricultural biology industries. Prior to her legal career, Urizar spent ten years conducting basic science research in the areas of molecular and cellular biology and neuroscience. She is a member of Women of Womble, and is active in the local chapter.


Shana Roth-Gormley, Pro Bono Coordinator at the Community Law Center and Nancy Urizar. 


Nancy Urizar and community members of Southeast Baltimore.