Everyone wants to share photos of their special moments and good news on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But sharing photos on social media inadvertently may open up the sharers to identity and credit card theft.

Womble Carlyle Cyber & Privacy and FinTech attorney Ted Claypoole discussed this hidden hazard with Nerd Wallet.

“So much information can be gathered from selfies,” Claypoole said. “If you just got a new American Express, then all of the numbers are on the front,” he says. In other words, if the card is in the picture, anyone who sees it could steal your card numbers and use them.

He said social media users should carefully consider which photos to share and may also want to limit the audience just to trusted family and friends.

But if you make a mistake and share private information on social media, Claypoole tells Nerd Wallet that you shouldn’t wait to act.

“If you think you’ve done something stupid, go ahead and cancel the card,” he said.

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Ted Claypoole is a senior member of Womble Carlyle’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and leads the firm's Privacy and Data Protection Industry Team. He negotiates and prepares data management, business process outsourcing and ecommerce agreements for his clients. Claypoole routinely talks to business and legal associations across the country on data security issues and is a frequent author on the topic.