Most US patent practitioners are keenly aware of the foreign filing license requirement for filing of US patent applications abroad. Since it is common for US based companies to file a US priority patent application and take advantage of the one-year grace period for foreign filing, a foreign filing license is typically issued without much thought to the matter.

Given the propensity for international companies and many universities to routinely carry out inventive activities in multiple countries by inventors of varied citizenships, the opportunities to run afoul of foreign filing license requirements is of growing concern, and this concern extends well beyond the walls of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Ryan Cagle works directly with scientists, business people, and in-house attorneys to craft his clients’ innovations into valuable tracts of property. Cagle provides his clients a global patent perspective with prosecution experience in six continents. He is positioned to advise clients on both financial and logistical factors for how international patent protection may fit into the clients’ business models. He also helps clients with market integration providing analysis and advice in relation to competitor patents.