Womble Carlyle ATTORNEY Morgan Patterson entered the “Fish Tank,” taking part in a competitive exercise in selling a mock company in bankruptcy at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.

Patterson and SELECT NCBJ NextGen Program members gave three senior bankruptcy practitioners and a bankruptcy judge their best sales pitch for an insolvent “company.” In doing so, the panelists and NextGen members discussed bankruptcy sale issues, including the scope of free and clear sales, successor liability, and sale timelines..

The panel also included:

  • The Honorable Jean FitzSimon
  • Kay Standridge Kress
  • Michael Ozawa
  • Bryan Walsh
  • Rachel Greenleaf (Nextgen)
  • Joe Esmont (Nextgen)
  • Jeannie Kim (Nextgen).

Based on the popular TV Show “Shark Tank”, the session took place Oct. 10 in Las Vegas.

Morgan Patterson’s practice focuses on bankruptcy and creditor’s rights in complex chapter 11 proceedings. Patterson represents both debtors and a variety of secured and unsecured creditors. She is also experienced in representing liquidating trusts and official committees. She practices in Womble Carlyle’s Wilmington, Del. office.

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